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How do you find the best limousine for hire? Limo hire London

IMG_1300The way people search for the best stretch limousine for hire vary from season to season, prom time I find school leavers insist on trying to call as many limousine hire companies as possible and the end result they end up confused over the best price and service they will be given. The expectations are confused.

My top tips for finding the best stretch limo hire London is to:

1) Avoid brokers, these are companies that pass out your work to limousine hire companies and do not actually have any limos themselves, the prices vary some are much higher than the going rate or by going direct others add on their commission on top of what the limousine owners actually want for your requirements. Others are in line with the correct charging but carefree on the type of limousine they offer you once they have the commitment from you and use their terms and conditions to their advantage. The easiest way to check a broker from an actual limousine hire company is ask for their operators licence and vehicle licence. We always advise people to never take our word for us being licence to put a call into our licensing authority Three Rivers District Council who will confirm that we are fully licensed no law abiding company will mind you asking for these details and then checking them out.

2) Do some on line market research, find the companies that offer the type of limousine you are looking for and correct for the amount of people you need to cater for. If the vehicle is not on their site I would suggest they probably don’t offer this common sense but we do not advertise any Chrysler limousines but i’m always asked for them!

3) Put in an online enquiry requesting a quote. We aim to respond to all enquires within 2 hours but normally between normal office hours of 9am-5pm these are almost instant competitive online quotes.

4) Check out Facebook, Twitter, Google + see what their customers think.

5) Check out their terms and conditions make sure your happy before you commit to making any payment.

6) Once you have found your company and are happy with the price, give them a call, I’m all in favor for online technology but nothing like a phone call, have a chat get a feel for the company how they operate and will also give you the opportunity to make sure all your requirements and questions are met and answered.

7) When it comes to financial commitment always try and pay on a credit card that way should anything go wrong you can ask you credit card company to investigate. Which they are legally obliged to.

8) Make sure you get a confirmation of your booking and know when you can expect it. Things like not taking a card as security against a booking, taking no deposit and no confirmation would all make me personally think twice about using a company where is their commitment to you how do you know they will turn up? how do you know what to expect? even a deposit is a confirmation that a booking is in place and an agreement between yourself and the company.

Finding the best stretch limousine hire is not hard, I would always never call any more than 4 companies and if you wish to try brokers one or two. Limousines are all pretty much the same specification on the inside but what makes each and every company different is how much that limousine companies cares about how they trade, their limousines and their commitment to providing you the very best stretch limousine for hire to their customers.

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