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Putting a price on Limousine hire?

pink-limo-and-white-limo-in-sunshine-on-road24-7 Limos always aims to keep its prices competitive and reasonable sometimes we are not the cheapest but at other times we aren’t so how do we get to the prices we give you? how to get the best price for your limousine hire.

We try to make are pricing as straight forward as possible, we have to take in considerations such as drivers wages, ware and tear on the vehicles mechanically and cosmetically, petrol, advertising, licencing, insurance, office staff wages and general other outgoings. We also have to make a profit to be able to continuously bring you the very best in stretch limousine hire.

So for the consumer looking for the best deal at the best price of course is your motivation. However growing up I was always told if its too good then it often is!, there are some companies out there with very low prices but what are they cutting out to keep their prices that low, licensing? maintenance? who knows we always advise people to not make a decision on limousine hire through an online enquiry, pick up the phone get a feel for the company you wish to book, understand their motivation behind the limousine business they work for. Then, you are able to make the best judgement call on the limousine for you. Price should not be the only motivation, its easy to trade off being the lowest price limo service but is it the best way to trade in the end something will suffer!

Another saying growing up was “cheapest is not always best!” well I don’t know we all like a bargain now and then and sometimes in quiet periods of the year our limo hire can be cheaper than others, again don’t make the assumption that it will be bad because its cheaper than the other, ask the company, phases like “that’s the best price I have had all day! how comes your so cheap?” and “I have been quoted £££ your a lot cheaper how come?” are all great questions that will get an answer maybe your like what you hear maybe you wont but it will make your mind up for you either way, helping you to make the right decision.

I have said it before in my blogs, in the US they use the limousines like Taxi’s here in the UK we are a little different mainly because of the amount of limousines in the UK, we are a chauffeur service we do aim to provide a greatest experience with it comes to our limousine hire one that can not compare to a minicab or taxi service. To be honest if 24-7 Limos wanted a mini cab business then they would buy saloon cars but that wasn’t for us but we have set ourselves high expectations of being the best limo hire service at the very best prices we can.

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