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12 top tips on how you get the very best limo hire

IMG_0966Only too often booking a limo to hire can become a daunting task however here at 24-7 Limos we are not always about getting the sale we like to advise our customers and how to get the very best from your limo hire service. So our 12 point guide should see you through to and help you to make the very best limo hire decision.

Consider for what and when you will be using a stretch limo. Limo cost more to hire on a Friday and Saturday night so if you are trying to keep the cost down try booking it at off peak times.

1) Limousines are used for all occasions and even if your request you think may be a little “off the wall” don’t worry, we probably have already done it before! Typically our limos are are used on nights out to London and in and around the home counties occasions such as Concerts, Theater Trips, PromsRoyal Ascot, Airport Transfers, Weddings, Hen and Stag Nights and so much more.

2) Before you start making your enquires, think carefully what you want to do, if you phone with a vague idea then you will only get vague prices and the more companies you contact the more your requirements will evolve and then make the first call you made pointless and the prices will also vary greatly. Make sure your prices are the same like for like, the same vehicle, the same requirements if this changes from call to call then this will impact on your price and will give you a untrue comparison.

3) Have a rough idea how many people will be traveling with you in the limousine. In the UK Lincoln Stretch Limousines & Chryslers better known as the Baby Bentleys can only carry up to 8 passengers. The other limousines out there like the hummers, excursions and expeditions can carry up to 16 people, however this will vary and it will depend on what VOSA has told them they can safely carry again this can be any number from 8 -16 people so best checking with the limo hire company. We are not the USA we have strict guidance from VOSA and local councils on the maximum capacity the limousines can hold.

4) A lot of people focus on price the best price is not always the best limousine service. Not all limousines are the same; age, condition and how long the limo company has been trading are all factors. It’s always good to have an idea on budget and don’t be shy to share this with us if our quote is a little higher than you thought, we will always suggest alternatives to fit your budget but be realistic these are luxury limos and have costs to meet before every job.

5) Never take you and your party’s safety for granted! Make sure the limo hire company is fully licensed and insured anyone who has problems in showing or telling you their details is a company to avoid. In the UK as previously mentioned all limousines should either be registered with their local council or VOSA. If you ask the question and you are given an answer don’t just take the limo companies word for it check it out, give the council or VOSA a call they will only be too pleased to help. An extra five minute call will help you make an informed decision

6) Before booking check for any additional charges that could impact your limo hire price. Things like booking agents surcharge, fuel surcharges, credit card fees, damages. Ask to see their terms and conditions before booking if they are not on their website

7) Book early to avoid disappointment! School proms are a very busy time of year busy dates like the end of June and middle of July get booked up early. Again Weddings dates in the summer months go before any other. We also have Royal Ascot again another very popular time of year in the middle of June so if your attending Ascot or have a prom then book early.

8) Always call to book never book on a website, make sure your hard earned money is going to a company who wants to provide the very best limo service possible, a call will also give you a chance to make sure all your requirements and needs are met. Ask them how it works on the night? At 24-7 Limos the driver will give you his contact number and you can stay in contact with them personally on the night of your hire.

9) Price is important but so is making sure your occasion goes as well as it can, make sure you have no doubts that the limo will be on time, the very best limousine and chauffeur experience. The lowest rate may give you an non uniformed chauffeur, with an old dirty limo. Believe me it does happen!

10) Always make sure you get a written confirmation and always try and pay a deposit by credit or debit card. Once you will have your contract in writing and by making a payment you have an agreement. Also a lot of rouge operators will only deal in cash.

11) And call a few days before the hire to check your booking. Make sure the limousine company you have booked with is supplying the limousine you have booked and not passed the job onto another company to cover.

12) The UK now has a lot of limousine companies trading as brokers; brokers do charge a booking fee and are not always looking to get you the very best price more who is on their books. So these may tend to be higher than going to the limo company direct and will always be cheaper.

24-7 Limos has been trading for 10 years and have lots of other companies they work with this is different to brokering and I’ll explain, on a daily basis we book limos for our company, for our company to provide our limos on the odd occasion we may need more than we can offer and we will always be honest and upfront that this would be the case. We will source these limos from other companies to whom share the same passion for the limo business not any old company to cover the work just to get the job. We are committed to providing the finest chauffeur driven limo hire experience at the very best price this hasn’t changed in 10 years.

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